It’s dark and cold and I’ve been seriously craving some inspiration this winter. When it just wasn’t coming to me I decided to force myself…to actually schedule some time to take a walk and appreciate what’s around me everyday. Funny, I had planned to do that for this post even before Lindsey gave us the “Around Me” theme for this month, but her challenge just sealed the deal. I had literally booked it on my calendar last Friday afternoon, so at 2:30pm I grabbed my iPhone (and Willow of course) and we hit the streets for a walk.


My plan was to photograph whatever caught my eye for exactly one hour…to tell a “one hour story”, if you will. We walked north from my apartment towards Ft. Tryon Park. With its curved pathways, archways and stone walls and staircases, it’s by far one of my favorite hangouts in my neighborhood. As we set out, I found comfort in these lines and patterns that I’ve walked by so many times but don’t always really notice.



We headed into the park and up towards the Cloisters Museum, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which opened in 1938 and houses a collection of art and architecture from medieval Europe.


The museum is recognized by its four-story tower that greets you upon arrival. Modeled after the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa in the Pyrenees, you can see this square turret from almost any vantage point in the park.




Of course, I couldn’t get too close or go into the museum because I had my canine pal with me. She’s a great companion for a photo walk, and although other people were few and far between on this chilly and cloudy afternoon, Willow kept her eyes on anyone who got close to us.


This area is home to some majestic views of the Hudson River. In fact, when John D. Rockefeller purchased and donated the land for the park and museum to the city of New York in 1935, he also purchased the land on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River (now known as Palisades State Park) to preserve Ft. Tryon’s stunning views for years to come.

ft tryon2

ft tryon

So what’s your “one hour story?” I challenge you to find the time–just one hour–this month to put everything aside and seek out your inspiration. Go for a walk or jump in your car–go someplace beloved and familiar or hunt down something new and exciting. Post the links here (I’ll check back periodically during the month) or add some of your photos to our Flickr pool.

And most of all, have fun!

Christy | Urban Muser