Today’s Guest Muse is Lisa Epp, of Captured Grace Photography, whom I contacted to be a guest muse on this month’s theme after I noticed the wonderful diptychs she had been posting. This one in particular dropped my jaw:

When Cara asked if I might guest this months theme about Diptychs, I was both honored and terrified at the same time.

I have been obsessed with them lately, but have not always been that way.
While I was always inspired by seeing other Diptychs especially by Kirstin, Suzi and Cara, I never thought of creating them myself, but then I read Kirstin’s post about how to create them and I was sold! They had always eluded me before. I could not for the life of me make it work. It was something about the simplicity of it when Kirstin explained it, that it finally clicked. That is when my obsession began.

Now when I am taking images, I always keep the possibility of creating a diptych in my mind.

Sometimes, I still just can’t make them work, but if I bring myself back to the simplicity of the images I’m shooting, then it seems easier. MUST not over-think, as I tend to do. Ha.
Another hurdle for me is that I feel they really do look better when using vertical images, but I’m not one to take a lot of vertical images, so I really have to concentrate to switch my style when thinking of them. I am learning now, in my own style, that square images work as well as other orientations.

Now, when am shooting, I try to look for images that will work together, in harmony, then I think of Kirstin article, and rethink again, and lastly, I just follow my instinct, cross my fingers, and throw images together until I find that feeling. J

Lisa Epp
Captured Grace Photography


Thank you so much for sharing your approach and words of wisdom and encouragement, Lisa!

Happy ‘Tyching!

Cara of Tumbleweedineden