With the end of the semester drawing very close and the busyness that this time of year brings, I find that days pass in between the photos that I shoot with my mobile phone. I’ve been diligent in shooting for my respective 365 projects, but my iPhone photos have gotten the cold shoulder. So you can imagine my stress quandry when I realized I had a Mobile Monday post to write and share! And that’s when I remembered the 4 in 24 posts we have shared from some of YOU in our Mortal Muse community. Having never challenged myself to shoot 4 images with a mobile device within 24 hours, I decided to take the plunge and document my Sunday.

As long as we are in town and not traveling, our Sunday mornings have a slow rhythm and routine. After feeding and walking the dog, Tony and I (and Parker, too!) settle into our sun room with cups of coffee and the New York Times Sunday newspaper.


As part of celebrating my birthday which was this past week, Tony made my birthday apple pie as is tradition. He makes the best pies.


Later in the day, we attended our first barbeque of the year. It feels GLORIOUS to sit outside as this is the first week that the weather has warmed up and Winter is turning into Spring.


As we sat outside, enjoying one another’s company and the fantastic meal, I noticed this beautiful tree next door. I hope to see it leaf out and be in all it’s glory this summer.


And that was my Sunday. Do you have any mobile photos from your Sunday that captured your day? We’d love to see them in the Mobile Monday Flickr pool!

Meghan of Life Refocused