Earlier this month marked a milestone for me as I made the inevitable shift from my thirties into my forties. Now I didn’t think twice about this transition last year, but as New Year’s rolled by and with the date fast approaching I had a change of heart. I’ve been told by several very good sources that life begins at 40, and although I planned on embracing this advice and living my next decade to the fullest, I began thinking about all those things that I didn’t do that I could’ve done, and, well, you get the picture, I was feeling a little remorse.

Since my biggest regret is not having traveled to many new countries, I pulled together a last-minute plan to turn forty in uncharted territory booking a non-stop flight to Jamaica. Part of my birthday plan was to continue my Experimental Growth on Film by splurging not only on The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, but also on several packs of Impossible Project Color Protection film to document this monumental trip through the lens of my SX70 OneStep Polaroid.

On top of it being ‘Roid Week 2013, since this month’s theme is travel, I thought I’d invite you along to share in my journey one polaroid at a time. After all, turning forty is definitely cause for a celebration! As you can see, our hotel was situated on the cliff side of Negril complete with thatched roof chalets and restaurant. We stayed in a small block of rooms off the side of the pool.


We arrived the evening before my birthday to several guests watching dolphins playing in the sea just beyond the pool. One of the local catamaran trips was checking them out too!


We spent our days lounging by the pool reading books and sipping cool drinks…

20130706_pool 20130708_Graham

…while watching fisherman and glass-bottom boat tours pass us by.


We explored pathways in the lush, tropical setting,

20130710_Path 20130708_pond

and watched thunderstorms build out at sea. Each afternoon we’d have a brief shower to cool things down.


We enjoyed plenty of jerk chicken and seafood at local restaurants and met a 12-year old boy at one of them who took our photo!


But best of all were the sunsets.


Each one…


…better than the next!


Have you caught any milestones or holidays on instant film? I loved watching our vacation memories unfold right before my eyes, and plotting out which shots I wanted to capture in polaroids before I went home. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them too!

If you enjoy travel photos on Polaroid film like I do, you might enjoy reading the Impossible Project’s Analog Travelog blog where they “showcase fantastic Impossible photos taken on voyages the world over.” Our own Kirstin McKee shared her journey to Crete on the blog last fall.

Until next time, Happy Travels!
Holly ~ Soupatraveler