This summer I was going to travel to England. We would stay for a few days in London, visit my favourite bookshop, perhaps see the Cutty Sark, go to Camden Town and meet up with fellow Muse Kirstin. Then we would go on to Lyme Regis, a small coastal town high on my list of places to travel for their fossils and for hosting the spot where Louisa Musgrove fell in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion. After that, if we felt up to more travelling, we had in mind to travel into Wales and see some of that region’s historic castles.

Then I went and contracted otitis, and with two ruptured eardrums the doctor strongly advised against travelling by air for the whole summer. So there we were – now what?

I was disappointed, of course I was. But the thing is, we have a wonderful country right on our doorstep, and now I had a chance to enjoy the Norwegian summer fully.

Several weeks were spent in Hallingdal, the in-land, rural district where my in-laws are from.

Here I learned to listen to the wind rustling through those inland seas without water, the cornfields.


I went for long walks and discovered treasures of the past.


Coming back to Oslo, I spent a lot of time in the sun, on long walks through areas I rarely have the time to visit normally, on a bench in the park, or at an outside restaurant.oslo-beer



I had a lot of time to think, to breathe and to find the read thread. And thus my holiday turned into something more than the second-best alternative.

~ All the best from Jenny.