setting sun
By the time you read this, I will be on the road. I am sure I don’t have to tell many of you about the internet friend who becomes a real life. An in.the.flesh, kind of friend.  I met Ani via our shared love of knitting. We both had blogs about our yarn and needles, our WIPs and “frogging” were common topics back then.  One day, I recognized the landscape in one of her photos. I commented and that was that… Although  my blogging life has drastically shifted from those days, Ani and I have continued to stay in touch. We have pushed each other to do 365s. Encouraged each other when we were in photographic slumps. Passed on information about photo workshops, and right now I am northbound somewhere between Reno, Nevada and Portland, Oregon with this amazing friend.

Portland Blanket

I get the feeling that if I ask to pull over because of the light along the road, she won’t bat an eyelash. If she asks me to not touch my food before she snaps a photo, I will hold still. It’s the little things, right? There are sure to be too many calories in the form of homemade molasses ginger cookies packed in the car. The music might be turned up loudly and there may or may not be some “car-oke” happening.  After I am done writing this (and one other article that is due for Friday) I will set off to pack my bags. While I know I want to look stylin’ over the next four days, I am more concerned about what cameras I should lug with me and how many packs of film I should take out of my stash in the refrigerator.


You know, the usual photographer’s head scratching moment, “Do I bring the 35mm AND the TLR? Lola the Pola is totally coming, but how many packs of film will I blow through in four days? Did I charge my batteries and clear the memory card for Marky-Mark?” (yes, the 5Dii really is sexy enough to be named after my favorite NKTOB member).  But what I am packing isn’t really what this post is about. What this post is about is to say how truly and utterly grateful I am to have found friends through the computer screen. I haven’t been keeping a daily list of gratitude, but I know one thing, I am so full of “gratitude” for my camera and the people it has led me to.

MortalMuse (1 of 1)

My cameras have introduced me to some of the most generous, amazing and inspiring women (and men).  So no matter if we have shared a pitcher of margaritas, or if you have sent me a card in the mail, THANK you….


Bon Voyage!


P.S. If you are an IG-er find the hashtag, #rnopdx to follow along.