It’s been more than four years since my very first post on the original Mortal Muses site.  I was one of the original group of muses who met online via flickr and Big Picture Classes and our own individual blogs and were invited to participate.

across the pond

In that post , which featured an image shot with a disposable waterproof camera (and then layered with a texture), I encouraged my fellow photographers to get out and play with a different  way of shooting images.  “Forget (for an hour or two) all the settings on your hard-earned DSLR.  Drag out your old film camera, or buy a cheap disposable, or hunt down a Polaroid, and focus on the feeling, the impression, you want to create.”

touch of blue

Since that post in August of 2010, life – and my photography – has evolved.  My teenagers have turned into twenty-somethings and are finding their own paths in life in homes of their own.  I’ve found love and am also making a new home in a beautiful new place with a wonderful man.

there is romance

And since that post, I have tried to take my own photographic advice.  I’ve experimented and played with different ways of shooting.  I’ve tried to catch the light in new ways.  I purchased new lenses for my DLSR, and discovered the joys of iPhoneography.  I bought a vintage film camera at a local thrift shop and explored its possibilities. I read the posts on Mortal Muses, encouraging us to shoot film, try apps, and experiment with editing techniques.  I’ve learned so much, and have so many things I still want to learn.


With the inspiration of the Muses, I gained the confidence to exhibit my work locally, to share my knowledge of photography with others, to teach a class in iPhoneography, and to grow into my craft in new ways.

The thing that has remained constant throughout the last four years has been the community of women (and a handful of intrepid men) who contributed to and followed the Muses.  We stay connected on Instagram and Facebook, tumblr and flickr.   We’ve met each other in person at meetups across the country and around the world (I’m hoping to connect with Kirstin in London in the spring!), and followed each other‘s lives through our photographs – images of daily life, marriages, births, new business ventures, travels, silliness, sorrow and more.  Through our photographs, we’ve opened our hearts and shared our essential selves.

mirror mirror

In the spirit of my first post, I encourage you to play; to follow each path that opens before you; to explore both the light and the dark; and to relish every moment.

2014-06-01 16.32.36

Thank you for sharing your words with us today Lucy! We are thrilled to have you back one least time. You can find Lucy online at, on Instagram as lucyloomis, and on flickr as lucy.loomis.