Summer has been late to grace us with her presence this year staying true to her solstice setup. We’ve had an pattern for the past several seasons experiencing her warm embrace much earlier in Spring! In one way, it’s been delightful. Cool evenings sleeping with the windows open. Wearing that yummy blend of springtime layers throughout the days. The anticipation of the next pop of color to reveal itself on our evenings walks around the neighborhood. On the other hand, my garden has been slow to wake up to join us. Yes, my Hostas are out and the Bleeding Hearts have bloomed, but their companions have been late to the gathering.


But last week the milder weather of Spring began to recede with the advent of summer. So this morning as I placed out my first jar of sun-tea and began to water the garden on our first ninety degree day, I was thrilled with the surprises that awaited me! Blooms are forming on my chamomile. Pops of orange are exploding from my nasturtium. My first rose, already raggedy has begun to burst from her bud.


Summer may officially begin this Saturday morning shortly before 7am here on the East Coast in Philadelphia, but she sent me a beautiful surprise this June morning to remind me that she didn’t forget us. She wasn’t late this year but instead decided upon a grand entrance right on time. What summer surprises are surrounding you this  year?

Until next time!
Holly ~ Soupatraveler